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Snoop Detector

Snoop Detector

Snoop Detector is an awesome tool that let's you know if someone has snooped your phone!  Snoop Detector looks for intruders anytime your screen turns on.  You can also set Snoop Detector to only be on the lookout only when someone incorrectly enters your pattern or PIN.

How Snoop Detector Works

Snoop Detector uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect whether the person using your device is you or an intruder.  When you first run Snoop Detector you will need to follow the onscreen instructions in order add yourself as an authorized user.  Any unauthorized intruders using your phone will have their picture taken and you will be notified by email as well as in the Logs within the app.  Remember, this functionality can run every time your screen is turned on, not just when a failed login attempt occurs.  Either way, the snooper caught in the act red handed!

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