Snoop Detector

Who Snooped My Phone!?!

Snoop Detector is an awesome tool that let’s you know if someone has snooped your phone!  Snoop Detector looks for intruders anytime your screen turns on.  You can also set Snoop Detector to only be on the lookout only when someone incorrectly enters your pattern or PIN.

How Snoop Detector Works

Snoop Detector uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect whether the person using your device is you or an intruder.  When you first run Snoop Detector you will need to follow the onscreen instructions in order add yourself as an authorized user.  Any unauthorized intruders using your phone will have their picture taken and you will be notified by email as well as in the Logs within the app.  Remember, this functionality can run every time your screen is turned on, not just when a failed login attempt occurs.  Either way, the snooper caught in the act red handed!

Once you’ve caught a snoop they will not be able to deny intruding on your device. Along with photo evidence, Snoop Detector can provide the location and time of the intrusion. Snoop Detector will email you detailed information about the intrusion. This information is invaluable in the event that your device is lost or stolen. Snoop Detector will email you a photo of the intruder, the date and time of the intrusion, and the address of where the incident occurred (location/GPS services must be turned on to take advantage of this feature). Snoop Detector also provides logs within the app containing the same detailed information. As an additional security measure, a pattern lock feature is included that allows you to set a pattern password so that intruders will not be able to access Snoop Detector.

Catch a Snooper With the Following Full Version Premium Features:

  • No ads
  • Detect intruders and take photo evidence of them
  • Track which apps the intruder accessed
  • Choose between detecting whenever the screen is turned on (persistent detector) or only when a failed login attempt occurs
  • Customize the number of failed login attempts
  • Retrieve the physical address (longitude and latitude) of the intrusion (location/GPS services must be turned on)
  • Pattern lock screen to lock intruders out of Snoop Detector
  • Receive an email containing the intruder’s photo and details of the intrusion
  • Logs stored within the app
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • One tap, easy uninstall option
  • Queue email notifications in case of failure or no internet connection

Free Version Features Are Limited To:

  • Logs are limited to 1 log entry
  • Unlock attempts are locked at 3 failed attempts
  • Email notifications of an intrusion contain limited information about the intrusion
  • No pattern lock for Snoop Detector
  • Tracking which apps the intruder opened is unavailable
  • Contains ads


If you have any questions or encounter any trouble using Snoop Detector, I would love to hear from you.  If you find any errors, please contact support. Your feedback is very important as it will help me create a better product.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance.  Snoop Detector does not collect, share, or sell any of your information.  NONE!  The details of any intrusion are simply emailed to you and are not saved on any server.

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